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    The operating mechanisms in human body are decrypted nowadays and become more understandable. Following these developments, we know much better what we have to do in order to live longer, healthier and better. Sports, an active life away from stress, nutrition, regular health check-ups as well as rejuvenation surgery have become very popular. In this context, combined methods have been developed to increase patient comfort and to improve the results.

    Now, we approach the face as a whole and we evaluate it within the concept of facial rejuvenation. We get better results by combining the rejuvenation applications like fat fillers and Botox instead of operating the facial structures in a single surgery.

    Aging is a personally variable process. Genetic structure and environmental are decisive factors in the aging process. During the process of aging, mostly the eye area is affected first. The sagging skin of the upper eyelid, under eye bags and the emergence of the tear are between eye and nose are the first signs for an old and tired appearance. Apart from these, are the emergence of the connection point between cheeks and lip as a result of the sagging of the cheeks and of the sagging of the chin towards the neck by becoming invisible and the increase of wrinkles from the corner of the mouth towards the chin are the progressing signs of the aging.

    The aging process can start as wrinkles according to the personal characteristics or loosening and sagging. All visible signs should be treated with therapies in line with the cause. The sagging of the facial connective tissues by getting loose is the main factor to cause aging. Face-lift, mini face-lift, face-lift for the middle region of the face, the upper and lower eyelid forehead and eyebrow lift surgeries aim at lifting the sagging connective tissue to its place and removing excess skin.


    Fat fillers prepared by your own fat tissue is the best choice especially for cheeks, eye area and chin. The stem cells, in fat fillers, are also effective on the surface of the skin. In addition, implants can be used if a deficiency in the bone structures is diagnosed. For the top layer of the skin, methods like PRP, derma roller, laser, microdermabrasion and skin care can be effective. In order to reduce loosening to be occurred in the long term and to improve the gained result, methods like radiofrequency, ultrasound and tightening methods based on radiotherapy can be used. The human body and its tissues are dynamic structures. Therefore, it should not be expected that the results last lifelong in all methods including surgery in facial rejuvenation.


    People, who have sagging skin on the face and neck but the elasticity of their skin has not been lost completely and has no serious health problems are suitable candidates for face lift   surgery. Smoking is a risk factor for these complications. To quit smoking 6-8 weeks prior to the surgery, will decrease these risks immensely. Although these kinds of surgeries are performed after the 40s, if there are loosening and sagging occurred in the early period there is no problem to perform these surgeries.

    Face lift surgeries are done by sedation (providing a light state of sleep through medications administered intra venal) together with local anaesthesia or with general anaesthesia in surgery room. According to the procedure, it can take 3-6 hours. If the procedure has been done with local anaesthesia, you can spend the same night at home. Generally, to spend one night at hospital is more suitable.

    After the surgery, in the first 2 days, the swellings will increase slightly. After the third day, they will diminish rapidly. In the early phase, swellings, tension and numbness on the face and the neck are normal. In the first two days, cold compressions are applied. On the third day, the face and hair can be washed. Within 1 week to 10 days, most of the swellings will end. Within this period, you can go back to work or you can put on make-up. In the first 6-8 weeks, heavy exercises, sauna, Turkish bath and excessive sunlight should be avoided.