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    The condition of prominent ear is described as the state when the angle of the ears to the head is wide and when the loop of ears is not sufficient. It is a problem, which especially affects the social life of school-age children heavily. The self confidence of children can suffer if the ears are made a subject of mockery. Therefore, it is advised to perform prominent ear correction around the age of 6 when the ear is developed at the level 90%. Besides prominent ear correction can be performed in any age. It is preferred to perform the surgery on children under general anesthesia and on adults under local anesthesia. The surgery is done behind the ears. No scars occur on visible regions. Basically, two problems are handled. The first one is the correction of the angle of the ear to the head and the second one is the correction of the angle of the ear loop so that it becomes to be at the sufficient level. In addition, the ear lobe can also be made smaller. After the surgery, the ears will be numb for 3-4 hours. The pain will be controlled with painkillers and does not reach to an unbearable level. Three days after the surgery, the bandages and adhesive plasters are removed and the person can take a lukewarm shower. Ear strip is given to be worn for 24 hours during the first week and during the second week at nights only. Prominent ear correction is a surgery which delivers permanent results and in a short time and strengthens the self-confidence of the person.