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    When the aesthetic appearance of the face is evaluated, the harmony between the proportions of chin, cheeks, forehead and nose is one of the basic issues. The need to change the tip of the chin and its general appearance cannot be clearly expressed by people. Often, this need is determined during rhinoplasty or a facial rejuvenation examination. During the examination of the chin, the closing of the teeth as well as the level of the upper and lower chin should be taken into consideration. If there are problems with the closing of the teeth, orthodontics treatment should be initiated prior to the operation. With the application of cephalometric analysis, the need for orthognathic surgery should be evaluated. If there are no problems with the closing of the teeth, the surgery for the formation of a new chin can be planned. There are many methods for reshaping of the chin. Within the non-surgical methods, there are special fillers which have been developed for the tip of the chin can be applied in the examination. Apart from this, the chin can also be shaped with the fat fillers gained by the patient’s own fat. However, the results and the permanency are less predictable. If the permanent results for the chin aesthetics are desired, the bone on the tip of the chin can be moved or the tip of the chin can be enlarged with implants. In order to enlarge the tip of the chin or the side parts, various sizes of medpor or silicone implants are produced. This is an operation which is generally performed under general anesthesia in 30-45 minutes. After the surgery, the tip of the chin is bandaged and after approximately 4-5 days, bandages are removed.