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    The lower region of the chin and the neck region have a great importance in our perception of beauty. The arising of deep horizontal and vertical lines, which can be seen very often in this region, sagging skin in the jowl region, excess fat and the arising of a deep cavity in the middle part of the neck due to muscle weakness are problems which occur frequently. The neck esthetics requires a personal therapy. The neck should be examined in detail and the main reasons, which cause the problem, should be acknowledged well. The factors, which affect the esthetic on the neck could be muscle weakness, excess fat, the loosening and sagging of the skin or a combination of all these.  If there is excess fat on the neck, the fat under the skin can be removed by the liposuction method. The fat, which lies beneath the muscles, must be removed through small cuts under the chin part. If a weakness in the muscles and sagging are observed, then the muscles can also be restored through this cut. Finally, if there is excess and looseness on the skin, then the skin on the neck is lifted and the excess skin is removed behind the ears. Neck lift surgeries are generally performed together with face-lift operations. You spend one night at the hospital. On the third day, it is allowed to take a lukewarm shower. A special bandage is used which surrounds the chin and the neck. Depending on the operation performed, it is possible to return to daily life after one week at the latest.