The operating mechanisms in human body are decrypted nowadays and become more understandable. Following these developments, we know much better what we have to do in order to live longer, healthier and better.


    The lower region of the chin and the neck region have a great importance in our perception of beauty. The arising of deep horizontal and vertical lines, which can be seen very often in this region, sagging skin in the jowl region, excess fat and the arising of a deep cavity in the middle part of the neck due to muscle weakness are problems which occur frequently.

    Orta Yüz Germe

    Chin Aesthetics

    When the aesthetic appearance of the face is evaluated, the harmony between the proportions of chin, cheeks, forehead and nose is one of the basic issues. The need to change the tip of the chin and its general appearance cannot be clearly expressed by people.

    Ear Aesthetic

    The condition of prominent ear is described as the state when the angle of the ears to the head is wide and when the loop of ears is not sufficient.

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