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    Abdominoplasty aims a taut belly, a thin subdermal fat layer as well as a tight skin. Patients who have postpartum or an anatomic weakness at the abdominal muscles and sagging skin in the abdomen, get benefit from abdominoplasty. Patients who plan to undergo abdominoplasty are examined in detail and their existing health problems and habits are analysed. During the examination, the condition of the abdominal muscles, fattening in the abdomen, subdermal fattening and the quality of the skin are checked. If there are chronic diseases, they are checked. There are many methods in abdominoplasty. According to the existing deformities, one of the techniques is chosen complete abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty, regional abdominoplasty or extended abdominoplasty. In abdominoplasty the surgical scar is planned to remain underneath the underwear. The length of the scar depends upon the amount of the excess skin. The pink scars in the early phase fade gradually and become more invisible. 10 days prior to the surgery, blood thinners should be discontinued. 3 days prior to the surgery, fiber-rich food should be avoided and smooth food should be preferred. On the day of the surgery, measurements and drawings are done on your abdomen in your hospital room. You are put on tight compression stockings. The surgery is generally performed under general anaesthesia. After the surgery, you are put on a corset which covers the abdominal region. In the first few days, there will be pain in the abdominal region. With painkillers administered intra venal, pain is kept under control. It is recommended to stay two nights at the hospital. 5-6 hours after the surgery, it is very important to stand up with the help of nurses and walk around in the room. After being discharged from hospital, painkillers and anticonvulsant agents will be helpful. The feeling of tension on the skin and in the muscles will reduce day by day. Within approximately 2-4 weeks after the surgery, you can return to your work.