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    Big breasts should not only be considered as an aesthetic problem. Women with big breasts complain about hunchback, neck pain, skin redness under the breasts and tissue problems on the shoulders and armpits because of bra. Also because of big breasts, the movements can be restricted, not to talk about sports; even the normal movements in daily life can be slowed down or made difficult. Besides the big sizes of the breasts, it is also the sagging of the breasts, which is one of the reasons for restriction of movements. Another disturbing problem is the difficulty to find suitable clothes. This condition, which is very unpleasant for women, can cause the person not to like her appearance which could cause a low self-esteem. Sometimes persons do not feel psychologically well because of the size and the sagging of the breast and they could try to hide their breasts by pressing forward their shoulders. This posture increases back and shoulder pain even more. This can further aggravate the curvature of the spine and the back as well as posture problems. The family history of patients, who come with the wish for a breast reduction, should first be examined and a detailed examination should be done.  If there are existing cases in the family or within the close relatives of diagnosed breast diseases, then this should be evaluated and if necessary, the preventive medical cheek-ups should be done prior to the surgery.

    It should be questioned if the growing of the breast is because of hormonal reasons. If there is a reason like this, a therapy should be started according to the underlying reason. If the breast continues to grow, the surgery should be postponed and the reasons behind the growth should be researched. If a bulk in the breast can be felt manually or there are obvious problems in the test results of the examination, first the necessary steps for diagnosis as well as treatment should be started. A breast reduction is suitable for breasts which do not have hormonal problems or have not grown or got smaller in the last 6 months.


    The decision concerning the technique of the breast reduction surgery is taken according to the size of the breast and how much it will be reduced, the age of the person and if in the following years a pregnancy is planned or not. If a pregnancy and breastfeeding are planned, it will be more suitable to use techniques which preserve the mammary gland and the nipples.


    There will be scars after the breast reduction surgery. It is expected that these scars get lighter and invisible over time. The main factor which determines how big the scar will be, is related to the fact how much excess skin is available. If the breast is not that big and sagging, the scar which reaches from the areola up to the bottom side of breasts is sufficient. The same scar can reach down the bottom side of the breasts in bigger and saggier breasts.