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    Breast lifting surgery is performed to upright the breasts on women who has sagging breasts because of breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, age or structural reasons without any apparent reasons. During this surgery, generally the nipple is translocated to the upper part of the breast where it actually should be, excess skin tissue is removed and the sagging breast tissue is formed. If the volume of the breast tissue is not sufficient, silicone breast implants can be used. Breast lifting surgery can be performed on all adult women. It is more suitable to perform this surgery after a pregnancy and 6 months after breastfeeding is finished. Within this period, the breast will become smaller and the whole extent of the sagging will be visible. After this surgery, it is possible to become pregnant and to breastfeed, but the mammary glands, milk ducts and nipples should be preserved during the surgery.


    The surgery takes around 2-4 hours according to the planned interventions. Generally, the pain is not very strong and controlled with painkillers. On the breast there are thin, skin toned adhesive tapes visible. Immediately after the surgery, a sports bra is put on. The next day, it is possible to take a shower over the tapes. It is recommended to wear the sports bra for 6-8 weeks. The first three days in the pos-surgical period, the swellings are apparent. After three days, they regress fast. In the early phase after the surgery, it possible to make walks and some types of sports which do not force the arms. It is possible to start active sports after six weeks.


    The breast is an organ, which consists of soft tissues completely. Because of factors like the gravity, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, it changes. After the surgery, depending upon the skin quality and the condition of the breast tissue, it will change over the years as well. As the breast tissue has been lifted and excess skin has been removed, the breast will not lapse back to its former condition. Breast will preserve its form and volume for a long time.