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    The breast has an extremely important meaning for the appearance of the female body. From the aesthetic point of view, two women who have the same waist and hip proportions but whose breasts are different, there are much clearer differences between them. For example, as a hooked nose is made suitable for the face, also the cheeks, the chin and the lips have been changed and look more beautiful, so is the breast augmentation a completion for the general aesthetic appearance of the body. Because we perceive as a whole that we see and we identify the proportions of objects beautiful. Breast augmentation surgeries are preferred by women who are actually still young, but have completed their physical development, and whose breasts remained small or by women whose breasts have lost volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or an excessive weight loss.


    There are many methods to enlarge the breast. The most frequently used one and the one, which delivers the best results, are surgeries, which are done with silicone breast implants.  The breast can also be enlarged with fat or artificial tissue, but it is difficult to achieve a long lasting and healthy result. Much more important than the volume of the breast is the question how this volume will be distributed, that means the 3-dimensional appearance. In order to achieve an optimal form, the personal characteristics, mathematical measurements should be evaluated very well. According to these measurements, the volume, height width, content and shape of the implant should be decided.


    The wishes of my patients come first, but because of personal characteristics, there are some limitations. To shake on these limits can lead to results which are not natural and can cause problems in the long run. During the decision prior to the surgery it is mostly the size of the area where the thorax is placed, determines the volume of the breast. The implant we will choose must stay within this area. The stretching capacity of the skin and the volume of the existing breast are decisive for the selection of the implant. We provide that the implant is totally surrounded by a thick and healthy tissue. In patients whose tissue under the skin is thin and have little breast tissue, we place the implant under the muscle so that a thicker layer of tissue surrounds the implant. After the measurements concerning the tissue density, we decide if the implant will be placed under the breast muscle or under the breast tissue. The placement of the implant under the muscle does not cause any movement restrictions, but we nevertheless do not recommend it for professional sportswoman.  The implant can be placed under the breast lap, lower corner of the nipple or under the armpit. I prefer to perform under the breast lap at most. If there are development problems and to be needed to be lifted, I prefer to perform in the nipple area. There are no functional disorders expected in the breast tissue and under the muscle. One of the most frequently questions is if the breast implants can burst and leak outside. In modern implants this possibility barely exists.


    We can evaluate the breast volume according to the bra size between 75-80 cm (32-34 inches) and the cup sizes A B C D E. The mentioned size 75-80 (32-34 inches) show the perimeter of the thorax which we measure from the lower part of the breast border to the backside. Similarly, if we measure from the nipple up to the backside und we deduct this number from the premeasured number the breast is an A cup if the difference is 10 cm, B cup if the difference is 17 cm, C cup if the difference is 23 cm, D cup if the difference is 29 cm and E cup if the difference is bigger.  This means that a breast which is 80 A cup before the surgery, can be 80 B or 80 C after the surgery. Between each cup size, there is a volume difference of about 150 cc.


    There exist two types of breast implants: drop ones (anatomic) and round ones. Between these implants, there are differences in the height and size. The main difference between them is that the drop-shaped implant creates less cleavage. It will be more correct to take a decision according to the body shape and the expectations. Generally, implants are preferred which are filled with silicone gel and resemble the breast consistence of the natural breast. Our breast forms a membrane around every foreign material. All breast implants have this membrane around them. Very rarely, a thickening or strains on this membrane can deteriorate the appearance of the breast. We call this capsular contracture.  If you like the shape of your breast and if there is no disturbing hardness, there is no reason to change the implant.