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    Gynecomastia means the growing of the male breasts in a feminine way. Some hormonal reasons, medications, some drugs can cause gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can be mainly observed during puberty because of hormonal reasons. At 90% it does not require any surgery and it disappears by itself. Gynecomastia surgery can be planned for individuals in whom it does not disappear. Gynecomastia can cause psychological problems for men. Persons have to change their choice of clothes. The discomfort due to the appearance can cause posture disorders. They avoid going to sea or swimming pool. For the planning of gynecomastia surgery, the composition of the breast is important. The breast is composed of fat tissue and mammary gland in different ratios. The second important issue is skin differences. The existence of excess and sagging skin may require further surgical operations depending on the quality of the skin. With simple liposuction, it is possible to get a good result in the breast, which has no excess skin, whose skin quality is good and consists of a great majority of fat. For patients who have excess, sagging skin, fat tissue and  also a high quantity of mammary gland, it could be necessary to perform operations for the contraction of the excess skin or to stretch the skin by removing completely  and to move the nipples further up. In the post-surgical period, an elastic breast corset should be worn for 6-7 weeks. In the first three days, the swellings will be apparent. After the third day, the swelling will diminish. In the early phase after the surgery, a feeling of numbness, sensitivity as well as burning sensation around the breast, are normal. As soon as the tissues start to heal, these feelings will disappear. After two weeks, the patient can go to sea or swimming pool. After six weeks, active sports can be performed. During this time, sauna, solarium or Turkish bath should be avoided as they can cause edema.