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    One of the most frequent non-operational methods used for face rejuvenation is the application of fillers. Fillers can be applied alone as well as in combination with Botox, PRP or mesotherapy. For the face, mostly fillers containing hyaluronic acid are preferred. The fillers containing hyaluronic acid are produced in the laboratory environment in different densities in accordance with the structure of the region to be applied. For example, whereas for the fine wrinkles above the lip, softer fillers are preferred, for the bony and deep regions such as cheek or the tip of chin, harder fillers are preferred.

    According to the molecular structure, fillers have different permanence. Whereas the fillers that are preferred for lips last 6-9 months, the permanence of cheek and chin fillers can last up to 2 years. The movements of the region where it is applied as well as personal characteristics have an effect on the permanence of fillers.

    Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are not only used to get volume. Due to its molecular structure it is a material, which has water retention characteristic; it keeps the skin looking fresher and younger. Therefore, it cannot only be used to fill or to provide volume; it can also be applied under the skin on a large scale in order to enhance the appearance of the skin.

    Most of the fillers contain a certain amount of local anesthetic substances (in order to decrease the pain during the application). Although a complete pain-free application is desired, then local anesthetic cream or local anesthesia can be injected around the area to be applied.


    Fillers can be applied within 15-20 minutes in clinical conditions. After the application, you can return to your daily life. For my applications, I prefer to do the application mostly not with needles, but instead with thin cannulas. I think that by doing so, it is safer and the comfort of the patient is higher. With cold compressions after the application, probable small-scale swellings can be prevented.

    As the lips will be numb for a while, you should be careful with hot beverages and ice cold foods for a couple of hours. Lipstick or lip rouge can be used after the application.


    • For filling up the lips and for highlighting the contours,
    • For very fine horizontal and vertical lines on the lip,
    • For filling up the dented eye area and cheeks,
    • For filling up the dented eyelid and adjusting the eyebrow position,
    • For enlarging the tip of the chin,
    • For the treatment of deep lines between the forehead and the eyebrows,
    • In order to assure freshness on the skin, it can be applied in very low doses under the whole face skin.


    For fillers, it is not necessary to perform a preliminary test. If you use any blood thinners, there is a risk of hematoma in the regions of the application. It would be more correct to perform the application 1 week after discontinue the blood thinners.